When I decided on a sabbatical, I wondered whether to rewrite this page. However, I have decided against it as (should you be interested) you can learn something about my approach to work. Please note though that in taking a break I have suspended my chartership as a psychologist, and nor am I working as a hypnotherapist although my registration does not end for some time.

I bring to my work enthusiasm, experience, commitment, and openness; also a deep sense of respect for those I have the privilege to partner in their personal or professional development. This, together with community and voluntary activities, supports my desire for ongoing learning, development and challenge.

My aim is to offer a service that is values-led and to adopt an ethical business model. As a Quaker I try to live according to values such as simplicity, equality, truth and peace, which are also reflected in a commitment to the environment. I hope that ‘Way Will Open’ reflects this approach. Seeking is an on-going process that is stimulating and enjoyable although at times not easy.

As a chartered psychologist, coach, and registered hypnotherapist I am well qualified professionally and academically in these and other areas. I have a wealth of experience of working in private, public and voluntary sectors, at times as a consultant¬†(previously as ‘PsySolutions.co.uk’), and at others as an employee in management and other positions. I have worked in the UK, Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Please read more about my experience and qualifications.