A varied career has included consultancy and employment, and for the most part I’ve loved every moment. I have always been curious about people – their wishes and needs, attitudes and behaviours – and trying to understand how they can use their strengths, motivations and experiences to help them get to where they want to be. Cultural differences have also been an interest, and working with international and local staff abroad has been especially exciting.

People and their development and wellbeing have always been at the centre of my work, whether with a private individual, or in a non-for-profit organisation, a large global company, a university, or elsewhere in the public sector. For example, my work has included coaching someone seeking more spiritual contentment; consulting to and coaching managers in the area of wellbeing; combining hypnotherapy with coaching to support someone in preparation for a job interview; mentoring a coach/trainer, and supervising the head of a voluntary organisation.

I love facilitating workshops, for example, those concerned with aspects of wellbeing, spirituality and self-management.  Leading discussions is also a joy, for example, a six-session ‘Living Simply Conversation’; and when it is my turn, on Fridays at the Quaker Meeting House in Beccles.

I also enjoy writing – a book, journal editorship, articles, training packs/materials, and ‘tips booklets’, as well as spiritual journaling. Organisational research has been commissioned in areas such as flexible working practices, stress and well-being, organisational commitment and job satisfaction, and appraisal.