Certain assumptions underpin and guide my work with others, i.e.:

  • Each person is unique, with his or her own characteristics and qualities, their own past, present and hopes and expectations for the future
  • Each person is their own best expert
  • Each person has particular and special talents and strengths, achievements, resources, experiences and learning on which they can draw to successfully develop and achieve change

This means that if you invite me to work with you, I will encourage you to:

  • Concentrate on the positive aspects of yourself and your life; not on your difficulties (although these are given proper attention)
  • Focus on what concerns you, not on what you think should concern you
  • Have courage, and to experiment safely with new ways of being and doing
  • Be the best you can be today – rather than waiting for tomorrow

For this to happen I offer:

  • A confidential, supportive and encouraging environment
  • A range of carefully selected techniques, drawn from various approaches and disciplines
  • Structure and focus
  • Feedback and appropriate challenge
  • A different perspective, also trying to see the world from your view
  • A commitment to action and results
  • Carefully chosen questions, and attentive listening
  • A promise that you can withdraw from working with me at any time.