Seeing the beauty

Being pretty, attractive, beautiful …
A friend tells me that her grandmother said to her, ‘You may not be pretty, but you are attractive’. I am not sure what I might have felt if someone had said that to me when I was young, but was her grandmother was on to something? Would you, would I, […]

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What makes you happy?

Philosophers, scientists, politicians, poets and musicians, as well as each of us, will have our own idea of what happiness is. Is it ‘feeling good’, or experiencing satisfaction for your life? Is it getting what you want in life, or perhaps living according to your values? It may be that it is a combination of […]

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What is happiness?

One of my favourite books is ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’ by Charles Schulz – what wisdom! In it, Snoopy and his friends identify what makes them happy – everything from ‘scoffing junk food’ to ‘climbing a tree’, to ‘finding someone you like at the front door’.  Looking through it, for the first time in […]

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Small acts of forgiveness?

Research suggests that being able to forgive may lead to greater wellbeing and better physical health. Where does forgiveness come from, and can we do anything to help it along? Some in a discussion group I attend believe that ‘forgiveness comes through grace’. There is something attractive in this notion as it suggests we cannot […]

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Can I let go of a grudge?

Do you hold grudges? I am sorry to say that sometimes I do. Grudges can feel like a real burden but at the same time can be really difficult to let go. They can also affect the quality of life in the present. Of course, there can be small everyday irritations. There can also be times […]

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How would you like to be remembered?

How would you like to be remembered? And could this make a difference to how you live your life?

Later today I am going to a Quaker meeting. It is a meeting for worship ‘on occasion of a memorial meeting held after the manner of the Society of Friends’.  The person in question was over 90 […]

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Discovering strengths and gifts – spiritual and otherwise

We are all different, in many wonderful ways. And one difference is in the unique set of strengths or gifts that we each hold. Do you know what makes you unique? As a positive psychologist and coach, I embraced the notion of strengths in my work – how to identify them, how to make the most […]

What brought you to Quakers?

I have heard that it can take many years for someone to walk into a Quaker meeting for the first time, and for some, it can take courage. Recently a number of us reflected on what brought us to Quakers. Amongst us, there are Friends who first came to meeting decades ago, people who have only recently […]

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Day 28: Make uninterrupted time for your loved ones

Today the snow has come. It’s looking very beautiful but has meant cancelling a visit this morning to someone I have not seen for some time. Another friend is also snowed in. We were due to meet tomorrow in town midway between our homes, and so this has also been postponed.  However, on the bright […]

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Day 27: Thank three people you feel grateful to and tell them why

There is a large body of research linking gratitude to wellbeing and at times over the years I have kept a gratitude journal. Each evening I would note three things that I felt grateful for. This could be an appreciation for something I received from someone; perhaps a physical gift or something less tangible such […]

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