Take the very best from your past and embrace opportunities in the present

… to create the future that you choose.

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Is there something in your life you want to change or a decision you want to make? Perhaps you are facing a life transition or trying to deal positively with an enforced change?

Change can be exciting and it can be uncertain, and sometimes scary – but change is inevitable – a part of life. Because of this you already have skills and resources that can help you to deal effectively and positively with change, and to move to another stage.

  • Live more simply
  • Feel happier and more content
  • Search for meaning and purpose in your life
  • Follow a more spiritual path
  • Reduce needless busyness and clutter
  • Become healthier – maybe lose weight, give up smoking
  • Become more confident
  • Explore and take a difficult decision
  • Explore and take a difficult decision
  • Prepare effectively for a job interview
  • Manage time better, and acquire a better work–life balance
  • Improve an important relationship
  • Manage a transition
  • Find another career
  • Embrace another life stage
  • ‘Relaunch’ yourself
What we know is that we manage change better if we feel we have some control and can influence the process. Ideally we will initiate change but sometimes change will be imposed. Psychological coaching can help you to see change in a more positive way, and to access the skills and take the actions you need, setting and achieving realistic goals. Drawing on resources within yourself such as your strengths, values and motivation; and on support from others, can also encourage you to feel more confident and motivated, so that you can create more of the future you wish.