Coaching-Hypnosis (or ‘Hypno-Coaching’) is the combination of professional psychological coaching and hypnosis. Hypnosis is offered to clients where the coaching is face-to-face, and where it is considered appropriate. It is one of a number of techniques that enhance the coaching process.

I specialise in the use of hypnosis in confidence building, relaxation and stress reduction, and in supporting people dealing with transition and change.

Self-hypnosis techniques can also be taught.

The personal and work-related situations in which hypnosis can be applied are many and varied. For example, boosting self-confidence in a social situation, reducing anxiety associated with a difficult job interview or work performance, visualising the future and drawing the best from the past, identifying personal or professional strengths and how to apply them, resisting temptations such as smoking or over-eating.

The process is essentially a partnership. I offer my professional expertise and you commit to taking responsibility for your part of the process.

Arranging a Coaching-Hypnosis Session

Hypnosis is offered in Beccles and in organisations in Suffolk and Norfolk if appropriate. Home visits in the area may be an option. Please return an Enquiry Form if you would like to know more.