Individualised coaching and mentoring align the needs, objectives and interests of the business with those of the person being coached. Expectations of interested parties are clarified before the activity begins, and desired outcomes agreed. Reporting arrangements, review dates, and issues such as confidentiality are also discussed.

Experienced coaching or mentoring can provide the energy, structure and focus needed to achieve significant and positive results. Initial meetings will generally be face-to-face although subsequent activities can include telephone and e-mail contact. In some instances this is preferred throughout. Added value is provided via the level of expertise and diversity of skills made available to clients at each stage of the process.

Organisation-wide coaching and mentoring programmes, which enable managers to develop these skills can also be offered. These programmes may be one-to-one or in groups.

Coaching & Mentoring Approaches

Mentoring or management supervision can be provided alongside coaching services, where this will foster learning and the development of skills, or support someone in a transition. The manager or mentee is encouraged to reflect and explore practice. This supports the enhancement of knowledge with specific expertise and advice offered, as appropriate. Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more.

Solution-focused coaching includes:

Coaching for Enhanced Performance – for successful men and women wanting to develop their organisational and management skills. Individualised development programmes work by releasing potential and building on existing expertise and knowledge. Motivation and opportunities for implementing new skills lead to an increased and valuable contribution to organisational goals.

Coaching for Solutions – for executives, managers, professionals and others concerned with specific challenges or issues that they want to resolve. Objective yet sensitive coaching can support people as they develop and implement solutions in line with a desired outcome.

Coaching for Personal and Career Success – for leaders and able professionals who want to achieve personal or work-related goals, exploiting the power of existing talents, strengths, skills and values, and unlocking potential. Some will be at a point of transition, wanting to evaluate their progress this far; others will be hoping for a career change. All want to be the best they can, and in being so, give of their best to the organisation.

Coaching for Well-Being and Quality of Life – is concerned with the management of pressure or time, the achievement of greater work/life balance, or bringing about positive changes in the workplace. The impact of this area on performance and productivity, working relationships and retention is well recognised. By encouraging individuals to take control of their lives, they are able to put more energy and enthusiasm into their working lives.