Specially customised coaching and facilitation offered for:

  • Successful teams wanting to perform at a higher level
  • Teams that want to come together to work on shared issues
  • Groups or teams wanting to develop particular skills together
  • Teams or groups with specific issues or concerns
  • Project groups and teams at various stages of development
  • Meetings where an objective and skilled facilitator is wanted

Appreciative inquiry and other approaches developed from positive psychology are used that focus on ‘what works’ and strengths. Please get in touch for more information.

The Process

An understanding of the theory and practice of both individuals and groups is needed to coach teams and facilitate groups successfully, if they are to become effective and achieve results. Team development is essentially about change, in which the team and its members are involved. The process starts with recognition of a gap between the current situation and a ‘preferred’ future or way of working, followed by a desire to close the gap. Coaching provides the focus, structure and encouragement necessary for rapid and productive team and individual results.

Approaches such as appreciative inquiry and others developed from positive psychology are used. The solution-focused approach is also flexible and positive, relevant and timely, and encourages constructive change and development to occur. Teams or groups are encouraged to develop their own expertise in discovering and implementing solutions, and in achieving their goals. Management coaching can support the change process, as well as developing the leader in their role.

There are also times when a skilled facilitator supports task achievement and the dynamics of a group. A facilitator might be brought in where the nature of the business makes it inappropriate for an internal person to take this role. The external facilitator enables participants to concentrate on working together and on the business of getting results, whilst s/he focuses on enhancing individual contributions and harnessing the synergy of the group.