Psychological coaching can help you to enhance your wellbeing and effectiveness in personal life and work domains. Psychological theories and research evidence, applied to various aspects of life and work, underpin the coaching process.

Using a solution-focused approach to psychological coaching helps the rapid achievement of results.

Each session is complete of itself. This reduces the number of sessions needed to a minimum.

You decide when you have achieved what you want, and whether you want more sessions. You are in control.

  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Decide if you are ready for change
  • Clarify what is really important
  • Define your goals for the future
  • Discover and use your values, strengths, and other resources

  • Have confidence you can bring about change
  • Keep motivated
  • Create a realistic plan, and keep on track
  • Make great decisions and change your life