In my experience, people ask to be coached in a variety of areas. Everyone’s situation is different and so approaches used reflect individual needs and changes over time.

Coaching for Health, Wellbeing and Quality of life

For those of you concerned with living more in tune with your values, and with more meaning, perhaps to live more simply, more healthily and more happily; or to bring about positive and balanced changes in your home or working environment. The impact of well-being on energy levels, performance, working and personal relationships is well recognised. By encouraging you to recognise and use your strengths, to be more proactive and make positive choices, you are able to put more energy and enthusiasm into the various aspects of your life.

Coaching for Solutions

If you are concerned with specific challenges or issues that you want to resolve, or decisions to make. Objective and sensitive coaching can support you as you develop and implement solutions in line with an outcome you have chosen. Sometimes a single session is sufficient.

Coaching for Personal and Career Success

If you want to achieve personal or work-related goals, exploiting the power of existing talents, strengths, skills and values, and unlocking potential. You may be at a point of transition, wanting to evaluate your progress thus far; or perhaps you are hoping for a career change. You may also want to develop your organisational and management skills.

Individualised development programmes work by releasing potential and building on existing expertise and knowledge. Without doubt you want to be the best you can, and in being so, give of your best.