The father of ‘David’, a dear friend, is very ill. David has been much in my thoughts, and I have been holding him and his father ‘in the Light’. Although his father is elderly and has been unwell for some time, David is finding the situation very difficult as his father nears the end of his life.

When I last spoke with David it was about his father’s funeral. David has two sisters and between them they will organise this when the time comes. Unfortunately they do not know their father’s wishes and he is now too ill for such a conversation to take place. There is a lot to think about, not least whether his father (and they) would prefer a religious or secular funeral. There are also issues with what they will be able to afford.

I suggested they might like to contact ‘Down to Earth’ which is part of Quaker Social Action, an anti-poverty charity based in East London.  Down to Earth offers ‘practical support for people struggling with funeral costs’ and has a number of resources such as ‘planning an affordable and meaningful funeral’. David and his sisters could also speak with someone there as the project has a national reach.

So my action for today is to write a note to David. What I hope to do is show empathy for what he and his sisters are going through, and my admiration for the support that he has given to his father over a long time. David also seems to be supporting his sisters at the moment and seems to feel rather alone. I will thank him for approaching me and that I hope he finds his contact with Down to Earth helpful, also saying that I am more than happy for him to get in touch at any stage if he would like to talk.

It is now evening and time that I put pen to paper …