These acts of kindness take me to my goal of 150. I am so very grateful for the sponsorship, encouragement and support I’ve received. In a later post I will list all 150 and reflect on the experience. So, I’ve:

141. Shared my reflections about being an ‘everyday Quaker’

142. Gave a talk to a library group about Action for Happiness, only to find the group had expected a ‘talent show’!

143. Done a detour to ensure someone got home safely

144. Brought in a neighbour’s wheelie-bin

145. Welcomed folk as they arrived at our Quaker meeting – it’s one of my favourite activities

146. Gave special attention to a toddler who was a bit out of sorts because of the arrival of his baby brother.

147. Recommended an architect to some friends who want something special

148. As a form of self-kindness I’ve started using my ‘SAD Lamp’ each morning

149. Asked and try to remember the names of shop workers I see most days

150. Laminated some posters for someone who does not have this facility.