A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me in my 150 Acts of Kindness (listed below) for Quaker Social Action, and helped me to meet my goal of £1500.Thank you too to those who have supported me in other ways – it’s been really important.

This been a wonderful experience and I have learned a lot – from others, and about myself. I’ve become more aware of when others show kindness and marvelled at their creativity. And of course I continue to appreciate a kind act when it is directed towards me. I’ve explored different ways of being kind and learned about my own patterns and habits – some ways are easier than others – and so I will try to show kindness where perhaps it does not come as naturally to me. I’ve included kindness to animals (or their owners), and to the earth but most of all it has been directed towards people – what more can I do for animals or the environment? And where can I show kindness to strangers as well as to those I know? And what about kindness towards people I strongly disagree with or perhaps don’t like much? I still have much to learn, and most importantly, will continue to take opportunities where I can to be kind, and at the same time include some self-kindness as well.

For completeness, the 150 acts of kindness are shown below. I’ve:

  1. ‘Paid forward’ for a meal and drink at the Kindakafe in Norwich.
  2. Visited someone who has been in hospital.
  3. Given a friend a sincere compliment.
  4. Complimented a bus driver on the care shown to his passengers.
  5. Let more than one car out ahead of me in the queue, when there was no-one behind me.
  6. Told someone the positive things another person has said about them.
  7. Listened to and talked to a rough sleeper.
  8. Taken the Big Issue seller for a coffee (or rather hot chocolate in her case!)
  9. Donated to an appeal
  10. Sponsored someone raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society
  11. Offered to shop for someone unable to leave the house because of illness
  12. Sent a postcard to someone to let her know that she’s in my thoughts
  13. Provided a listening ear for someone struggling with an issue
  14. Sent a text to my husband telling him what I love about him
  15. Told a stranger I loved her dress and thought she looked great … I meant it!
  16. Hugged someone rather short of hugs, and received a lovely one in return – it really cheered me
  17. Given someone with little money a free coaching session
  18. Done something I am rather wary of, because it would make the person who asked me happy
  19. Picked up rubbish in the street
  20. Chosen a non-birthday present that I hope the person will like – just because I wanted to
  21. Put a friend in touch with someone who I thought might help him
  22. Walked to the next village instead of taking the bus, trying to be a little kinder to the planet
  23. Had some vegan days, trying to be a bit kinder to animals
  24. Reused (rather nice) wrapping paper to wrap my sister’s birthday present
  25. Reused old newspapers to create plant pots
  26. Donated objects to the charity shop
  27. Let a passenger sit in ‘my seat ‘ in the front of the car as she gets queasy
  28. Agreed to take someone out for the day – I’m looking forward to it
  29. After it was lost, arranged (and paid) for a replacement bus pass for my husband
  30. Sent feedback to TfL about ‘Craig’ who helped with a lost Oyster card – his customer service was excellent.
  31. Made a sandwich and drink for a gardener who needed a break
  32. Offered to help someone with their shopping
  33. Passed on a book I found really fascinating
  34. Gave a lovely ‘Quakers for peace’ badge to an inspirational Friend who to me epitomises peace
  35. Searched the internet to find information for someone
  36. Used an e-ticket when I went by train
  37. Apologised to someone about a past issue … I should have done it earlier
  38. When invited to by the author, given feedback about a novel
  39. Bought some delicious Palestinian olive oil (http://www.zaytoun.org/)
  40. Offered to take a neighbour to visit her husband in hospital
  41. Cleared up after a meeting so others could get home
  42. Introduced two sets of friends to each other as they have recently moved into the area and I think may have lots in common
  43. Created a favourite meal for a friend with severe food allergies
  44. Decided to set aside a long-standing resentment … and felt better immediately
  45. Offered to look after someone’s dog overnight even though I’m not a ‘dog person’
  46. Remember to turn off my computer each night
  47. Buy Fairly Traded goods wherever possible
  48. Spoke firmly but gently (I hope) to some young children who were playing too close to the road, and ensured they were safe
  49. Attended a lovely recital delivered by someone raising money for a charity, to which I contributed
  50. Resist buying tasty foods flown from far away
  51. Helped someone struggling with retrieving pre-paid tickets from a machine at a station … although we concluded the machine was not working!
  52. Actively choose take-out coffee offered in paper cups that can be recycled
  53. Edited someone’s work – English is not their first language
  54. Encouraged someone who has lost confidence and seems to have forgotten their many qualities and what makes them special
  55. Invited someone new to town to meet up for a cuppa
  56. Looked for and found my husband’s wedding ring – with the help of St Anthony!
  57. Offered spare bedrooms to someone who has a lot of family to coming to stay but limited space
  58. Aim to eat more mindfully so as to better appreciate what has brought that food to my plate, and to give thanks
  59. Took my 3 year old grandson to the park – this was actually an act of kindness for myself!
  60. Made lots of soup (3 different kinds) to help someone with a big family party
  61. Created a menu and sought out foods for a visitor who is on a special diet, and ensuring that we all eat the same during his stay
  62. Remembered to take my own mug for take-out coffee, to reduce difficulties with recycling ‘paper’ cups
  63. Got to a meeting early so that I could set up and prepare drinks for everyone
  64. Made a difficult phone call for someone who just could not bring themselves to do it
  65. Shared a tasty portion (tempora feta) of my otherwise rather mediocre pub meal with the person I was with
  66. Scripted a difficult email for someone who was struggling to put pen to paper
  67. Leafleted for a political party; offered to drive people who will find it difficult to get to a polling station on election day
  68. Stepped in to lead a discussion when the person who had intended to do it was unwell
  69. Gave away some (rather good) items on Freecycle
  70. Turned computer and other ‘gadgets’ off at night to save electricity
  71. Donated to Hope not Hate
  72. Offered a lift to the polling station – to someone who thought would (probably) vote for a party I don’t agree with!
  73. Brought some washing in for someone as I noticed it had started raining
  74. Ironed some (6) shirts for someone who hates ironing – I’m not so keen myself!
  75. Told someone I thought the report they had written was one of the best I’d read
  76. Paid someone’s car-parking fee as they had no change
  77. Gave a homemade lemon drizzle cake to someone from another country as a mini introduction to UK food … and because I thought she would like it
  78. Bought a plant for someone and offered to help her care for it she is concerned she does not have green fingers … not that mine are very green either!
  79. Took some books to a charity shop for a friend who was unable to go.
  80. Made a gooey cake to share with people I don’t yet know, with whom I’ll be sharing a self-catering apartment
  81. Told a father how thoughtful his young son had been
  82. Helped a man with severe disabilities to eat his meal and get to a meeting; and was warmed by his patience and generosity
  83. Sent a thank you note to the organisers of a great coming together week
  84. Made someone laugh
  85. Gave an extra-large tip for some great service
  86. Helped someone who could no longer manage it to pick his damsons and plums … just the pears and apples to go
  87. Gave away vegetables grown in our raised beds
  88. Spread the word about a friend’s new (and excellent) venture, encouraging others to support her
  89. Gave a talk promoting a charity I care about
  90. Having been asked to give feedback, took care to offer what might be seen as challenging comments in a constructive way
  91. In a group discussion tried to make everyone feel included, without insisting that everyone speak
  92. Committed to reducing the amount of plastic I use, even if it means spending more
  93. Used a train rather than driving even though it was less convenient and cost more
  94. Gave away home-made marmalade
  95. Alerted someone (privately) to an error on their website
  96. Went home half-way through an evening outdoor gig to collect coats for folk who were getting cold
  97. Mindfully walked around my garden appreciating the flowers, ‘weeds’ (plants in the wrong place), shrubs, and listening to the birdsong
  98. Shared a link to an online environmental campaign, encouraging folk to sign up
  99. Picked some wonderfully scented sweetpeas to put in a guest’s bedroom before her arrival
  100. Looked up contact information for someone who does not have a computer
  101. Told my grandson all the things I love about him
  102. Feeling a bit down, I practised self-kindness today by going for a gentle stroll in some lovely countryside
  103. Complimented a stranger on her wonderful mahogany coloured hair – it was magnificent!
  104. Helped someone carry their shopping
  105. Took a child to nursery … and brought him back!
  106. Asked someone very wise for advice
  107. Sent someone a real letter, rather than the usual email
  108. Gave up my seat on the tube
  109. Shared the scents of my favourite herbs and flowers with my wonderful young grandson
  110. Reused hotel towels
  111. Gave a delivery driver a warm piece of courgette cake, just out of the oven
  112. Shared a positive news story
  113. Bought extra food to donate to the Food Bank
  114. Was given a Fairphone for my birthday – something I really wanted, and which is ethically sourced – can’t be bad!
  115. Printed something out for someone whose printer was broken
  116. As much as I love my very 1st smartphone, I try to put it away when in the company of others
  117. Sat in silence with someone who wanted company but didn’t feel able to speak
  118. Invited a new friend to share something I love, and that I thought she would too
  119. Even though I am not a tidy person, helped someone see (and find) the wood from the trees
  120. Took someone’s rubbish away as it’s easier for me to get rid of it
  121. Wrote a positive comment on someone’s social media account
  122. Made a list of things I’m grateful for, each evening for a week
  123. Smiled at a local person I don’t know but often see, and who often looks unhappy, and he smiled back
  124. The next time I saw the same man I said ‘Hello’, and we had a brief conversation … about nothing in particular
  125. Lent my brolly to someone who was going to a meeting, as I did not mind getting wet
  126. Took someone to collect a garden machine as he is unable to drive
  127. Bought an apprentice tattoo artist a posh coffee as a thank you for showing me to a coffee shop when I was wandering rather blankly in an unknown city
  128. Decided to trust that someone has really changed, and to change my own attitude and behaviour towards them
  129. Helped someone across the road … with their permission!
  130. Went with a friend to visit her mother – I enjoyed it
  131. Babysat our wonderful grandson No. 2 –  can’t wait to see him again
  132. Donated to DEC appeal for people fleeing Myanmar
  133. Shared my delicious (and only) pear with my husband
  134. Shared a Quakers in Britain live video of Geoffrey Durham with someone I thought would really appreciate it
  135. Just let someone talk and then just ‘be’ in silence
  136. Publically congratulated someone who has done something extraordinary
  137. Tried to help someone with her laptop … although without much success
  138. Agreed to write a report for a newsletter about a workshop I attended
  139. Acted as a mentor to someone new to a particular group
  140. Gave lifts to a venue for people unable to walk the distance
  141. Shared my reflections about being an ‘everyday Quaker’
  142. Gave a talk to a library group about Action for Happiness, only to find the group had expected a ‘talent show’!
  143. Did a detour to ensure someone got home safely
  144. Brought in a neighbour’s wheelie-bin
  145. Welcomed folk as they arrived at our Quaker meeting – it’s one of my favourite activities
  146. Gave special attention to a toddler who was a bit out of sorts because of the arrival of his baby brother.
  147. Recommended an architect to some friends who want something special
  148. As a form of self-kindness I’ve started using my SAD Lamp each morning
  149. Asked and try to remember the names of shop workers I see most days
  150. Laminated some posters for someone who does not have this facility.

Thank you once again.