Positive remarks can come in conversations, in passing comments, in texts or in emails, on social media – in fact there are lots of opportunities, and today I was able to use all of these.

Last week I bought a lovely print from a creative and talented designer. It came from her online shop and I was thrilled to find that the real thing was even better than I expected. And so earlier today I messaged her to tell her how delighted I was. I also sent an email to some friends telling them how much I had enjoyed their company when they came for supper, and thanking them for the gifts they had brought.

This morning I rushed to (and missed) a bus and had to wait for the next, which gave me time to chat rather superficially to someone else who was waiting. On the next bus I found myself sitting beside a delightful man. I admired his nails which were beautifully manicured and varnished. I explained that my nails are very brittle and he explained how he deals with split nails, giving me a tip that I will certainly try. Later I had a clothes fitting. The assistant was helpful, knowledgeable, and sensitive. I came out feeling better than when I went in and so thanked her for her care.

On the way back (and on another bus) I sat beside a very talkative retired prison officer who had many stories to tell. There were some aspects of the conversation that made me a bit uncomfortable but I was able to be positive about others, such as appreciating his courage in some situations.

And finally, there were lots of opportunities to comment on the weather. It is cold and snowy but I could be positive about breaks in the snow allowing the sun to shine through, the beauty of the snow on the fields, the roads being clear and therefore safe, and so on. I also appreciated the warmth of the bus and the light conversation with volunteers in a charity shop.

And the day has not yet ended and so perhaps there will be some more opportunities …