A joy last year was carrying out 150 different acts of kindness  to raise funds for Quaker Social Action .  I learned a lot from the experience, not least from observing kindness given by others, and receiving kindness too. During the process I realised that some acts of kindness came to me more easily and naturally than others. I became increasingly aware of opportunities to offer kindness spontaneously although sometimes they were planned in advance. Something else that I noticed was my focus – usually it was a person (someone I knew or a stranger), sometimes an animal or animal owner, and at times I was kind to the environment. However I also ensured that I was sometimes kind to myself.

Elsewhere in my blog I have noted that carrying out an act of kindness can bring its own reward, and so it has been today. I decided to call an elderly friend whom I have not seen for several months and who lives some distance from me. She is nearly blind and her life is becoming increasingly narrow as she is able to do less and less of the things that she enjoys. It was lovely to speak to her again and I am looking forward to a visit very soon. If she would like it, I will take her out to a local tea shop as she has enjoyed this in the past but I will just have to see how she is. Whatever happens I know I will enjoy being in her company again and catching up with news. Incidentally, my friend loves her rose garden – hence the image I have chosen.

The action today however was through kindness to ‘make life easier for someone else’ and I am not sure that I have done that … yet… but there are a few hours left, so it’s still work in progress!