Corporate activities concentrate on the achievement of lasting and beneficial results. This is why a solution-focused approach is adopted to address the needs and goals of business, individuals, and teams.

This works by taking the very best from the past, to use and develop in the present, in order to arrive at the desired future. Approaches such as appreciative inquiry and others from positive psychology ensure that the focus is forward-looking and that existing wisdom and experience, and individual strengths and talents can be built upon.

You are invited to discover how your organisation can benefit.

In a business environment, solution-focused coaching and mentoring provide effective, flexible and powerful development strategies for executives, managers and professionals. Performance, productivity, and learning are promoted through one-to-one development, workshops and seminars. Support in achieving work-life balance can result in positive outcomes for business and individuals. These include greater effectiveness, reduced turnover and enhanced job satisfaction and commitment.

Coaching and mentoring programmes can be used for culture change and organisational learning, as well as supporting quality assessments. Team effectiveness is also enhanced by the solution-focused approach. The development of internal coaches and mentors facilitates individual and organisational change, and promotes a culture of continuous learning. Coaching and mentoring skills are also essential for managers who want to motivate their staff to be the best they can and to achieve results.