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Day 24: Take time to speak to a neighbour and get to know them

This evening four folk are coming to supper. Two are our friends, and the others are actually their neighbours – confused? We have met them a few times and really like them, and are looking forward to getting to know them better. They live nearby and so it will be especially good to develop a […]

Day 23: Make a plan to meet up with others and do something fun

What is fun to one person may not be so for someone else and this task got me thinking about what I enjoy and what I don’t. I know that some love to travel, others love anything that gives an adrenaline rush … What I come to time and time again is that joy for […]

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Day 22: Give sincere compliments to three people you meet today

I really enjoyed this task. I love giving sincere compliments and I don’t (usually) find it difficult. What I noticed today though was that a number of my compliments were about appearance – one woman had some beautiful dark navy nail varnish that complemented her clothing; another a lovely soft jumper that suited her wonderfully; […]

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Day 21: Actively listen to what people say without judging them

I have spent time today with a nearly 4-year-old, a 3-month-old, and their lovely mum, and we’ve had some great conversations. Reflecting on these I think I have mainly listened, but perhaps not all the time, and I don’t think I’ve judged them. However reading the action for today has made me think of a […]

Day 20: Send an encouraging note to someone who needs a boost

The father of ‘David’, a dear friend, is very ill. David has been much in my thoughts, and I have been holding him and his father ‘in the Light’. Although his father is elderly and has been unwell for some time, David is finding the situation very difficult as his father nears the end of […]

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Day 19: Look for the good side when other people frustrate you

Quakers try to ‘see the God (for some this is ‘good’) in everyone’. This is not always easy, especially when emotions cloud our judgement. Or perhaps we don’t take enough care to really listen to someone, and so find it difficult to understand their point of view?

Old habits die hard, and I do recognise a […]

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Day 18: Make an effort to have a friendly chat with a stranger

Someone I have not met before visited our Quaker meeting this morning. It is a practice at most meetings that someone is at the door greeting people as they arrive, and so I had an opportunity to say hello and shake hands with ‘Ella’ at the very start. As we all shared refreshments afterwards I […]

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Day 17: Call a friend to catch up and really listen to them

I spent a bit of time thinking about who to contact as for some reason I interpreted this as a friend I have not been in touch with for a while. In other words I thought it was similar to Action 4. However as a result of that action earlier in the month, I have […]

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Day 16: Respond positively to everyone you meet today

Today I have spent time with a number of people as on a Friday after our 30 minute Quaker Meeting for Worship we have a facilitated discussion. Today the subject was ‘prayer’ and was fascinating. There were about 20 of us and there were probably at least as many different views and experiences in the […]

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Day 15: Be kind especially when your first instinct is to be unkind

In reflecting on this action I thought about how helpful I have found both Buddhist meditation and also Quaker wisdom. I find ‘Quaker faith & practice’ a wonderful resource of sayings and writings gleaned by Friends over the past 350 years. There is lots that is helpful in relation being kind when perhaps it does […]